Western Australia

K Peter Kolf

Abstract: This presentation will provide a brief history of energy industry restructuring in Australia with a particular focus on where it is at in Western Australia and what challenges lie ahead. While a lot has been achieved both at the national and State level, it is well recognised that we can’t stay where we are. New technologies such as sola KK2 battery storage are straining traditional models of the utility industry and pressures such as climate change call for further action. Dramatic changes in energy markets and volatility have made prediction difficult if not near impossible with important implications for risk, cost and the price to consumers.

Biography: Peter is currently Chairman of Western Australia’s Independent Market Operator having been a director of that organisation since July 2014. He is also a director of KPK Specialist Advisory Services Pty Ltd and a past CEO of WA’s Economic Regulation Authority. Peter has also held senior positions in the energy industry, telecommunications, in regulation and in the water industry. Peter holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) and a Master of Economics degree. He is a Certified Practicing Accountant, Vice President of the Economic Society of Australia in WA and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy having served on its national council and State committees.

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Western Australia

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