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Michael Jetter

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Abstract: This paper tests for a causal connection between media attention devoted to terrorism and subsequent attacks. Analysing 61,132 attack days in 201 countries produces evidence that increased New York Times coverage encourages further attacks in the same country. Using natural disasters in the US as a plausible exogenous variation diminishing media attention, the link appears causal. On average, one additional article is suggested to produce 1.4 attacks over the following week or three casualties. This result is robust to numerous alternative estimations, advising against extensive media coverage of terrorism. If terrorists do not receive media attention they may attack less.

Biography: After completing his PhD studies in Economics at the University of Memphis (USA) in 2011, Michael took on an Assistant Professor position at the Universidad EAFIT, a young private University in Medellin (Colombia). In July 2015, Michael was fortunate to be awarded a Lecturer position in the Economics Department at UWA. Since 2013, he has been a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labour (IZA) in Bonn, Germany. Michael’s research interests focus on political economy topics, such as corruption, terrorism and government size. Finally, part of his research analyses gender differences and similarities in competitive behaviour and risk preferences.

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Western Australia

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