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A Branch Council is elected each year to provide voluntary administration and organisation of the Society. The Council organises functions, engages with students, represents the organisation at conferences and meetings, and advises on the strategic direction of the organisation.  We are always looking for members to involve themselves in the running of the organisation. 

Click here for Constitution of Economic Society of Australia (WA Branch)

Please contact us on admin@esawa.org.au to express your interest in becoming involved. 

2022 Executive


John Roberts


Alison Preston


Riko Stevens


Nicky Cusworth


Young Economist Coordinator

Anusha Mahendran

Women in Economics Chair

Sally McMahon

Committee Members

  • John Roberts
  • Alison Preston
  • Peter Shardlow
  • Anusha Mahendran (YEN)
  • Cassandra Winzar (WEN)
  • Silvia Salazar
  • David Christmas
  • Michael McLure 


Manuela Torgler

President's Reports

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AGM Minutes

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Vice President's Reports

Vice President's Report ESA (WA) 2019

Vice President's Report ESA (WA) 2018

Treasurer's Reports

Treasurer's Report ESA (WA) 2022

Treasurer's Report ESA (WA) 2021

Treasurer's Report ESA (WA) 2020

Treasurer's Report ESA (WA) 2019

Treasurer's Report ESA (WA) 2018


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