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Economic Literacy: What is it and why is it important? - ONLINE ONLY


From: Tuesday May 16, 2023, 3:30 pm

To: Tuesday May 16, 2023, 4:30 pm

In Australia economics was once a popular subject choice in school. This is no longer the case, in large part because of a preference for business studies. The perception is that the latter is easier to teach (fewer concepts, more resources) and offers more employment opportunities. A particular challenge facing the economics’ discipline (and affecting enrolments) is the lack of an agreed understanding concerning what economists do and the skills they possess. While there is general agreement that economic literacy is important we struggle to articulate what this means in practice.

In this seminar Dr Dwyer from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will share her recent research and articulate her views on economic literacy and what it means. This is a must seminar for anyone involved in the teaching of economics. Join our panel of experts as they explore this important topic.

Meet the presenters

Jacqui Dwyer, Reserve Bank of Australia
Dr Jacqui Dwyer is a senior economist that heads up the Information Department at the RBA. She has held various roles in the Bank, including economic research, economic analysis, monetary policy advice and central bank communication. She established the Bank’s business liaison program and more recently its public education program. Jacqui has also worked as an economist at the Bank of England, the Queensland Treasury and the former Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

Nick Ognenis, School Curriculum and Standards Authority, Western Australia

Nick is Principal Curriculum Consultant at the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and President of the Economic Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (ETAWA).  

Alison Preston, Department of Economics, University of Western Australia

Alison is a Professor of Economics within the UWA Business School and Vice-President of the Economic Society of Australia WA Branch. Her research interests are in labour economics and financial literacy.

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