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Mardi Dungey

Professor Mardi Dungey

Mardi Dungey was Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Tasmania, Adjunct Professor at Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis at ANU and Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy at Cambridge University. She was a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. She passed away in January 2019.
Professor Dungey's research interests combined the empirical sides of finance and economics. She was a world expert in the transmission of financial crises, systemic risk and the policy implications of these events. She was a member of the Shadow Board for which provides a alternative view on monetary policy setting in Australia, and has published numerous papers and several books.
Mardi moved to the University of Tasmania in October 2008, from a position as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy at the University of Cambridge. She  also held positions at ANU, La Trobe University and the RBA, and was a visitor at the BIS, IMF, Princeton, Manchester, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Australian and New Zealand Treasuries. She was a regular speaker to international forums on her research.

Subject Area Expertise

Contagion and financial crises, Macroeconomic policy, Banking and Finance, Time series Econometrics, High frequency finance

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