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To to become a member of the WA Branch of the Economics Society of Australia you must first register.

Members joining the Western Australian Branch of the Economic Society receive the following benefits:

  • Invitations to attend seminars and lectures by prominent speakers
  • Subscriptions to two journals published by the Society: The Economic Record and Economic Papers. Each is currently published four times a year. (Student receive either The Economic Record or Economic Papers)
  • An invitation to attend the annual Conference of Economists at a reduced registration rate
  • Invitations to attend occasional social functions sponsored by the Society

Membership fees commencing 1 July 2019

Membership eligibility

Membership of the Economic Society of Australia (WA Branch) is open to any person or organisation accepting its rules and paying the relevant annual fees where the person or institution:

(a)          is eligible for the class of membership applied for;

(b)          has applied for membership of the Society in accordance with section 5 of the Constitution;

(c)           accepts the rules of the Society made in accordance with the Constitution; and

(d)          pays the annual membership fee for the relevant class of membership determined from time to time and published by the Council on the Website.

Membership classes

Current classes of membership are:

  • Ordinary Member – any person admitted by the Council as a member of the Society, and for which the person has paid the relevant membership fees, not otherwise admitted in another class of membership;
  • Student Member – any full-time student at a University or other formally recognised tertiary education institute located in Western Australia admitted by the Council as a member of the Society, and for which the person has paid the relevant membership fees; will automatically become a Young Economist Network (YEN) member;
  • Professional Member – any person that has formal qualifications and/or no less than three years professional experience as an economist admitted by the Council as a member of the Society, and for which the person has paid the relevant membership fees. Professional Members are entitled to use ‘PMESA’ after their names and may attend exclusive events;
  • Life Member – any member who has contributed to the objects or purpose of the Society over a period of at least ten years, and has been conferred, by resolution of the Society at a general meeting on the nomination by, and recommendation of the Council; and
  • Corporate Member – any institutions, library, society, company or business located in Western Australia that has been admitted by the Council as a member prior to 1 July 2019.

From 1 July 2019, the Society will no longer provide general Corporate Memberships. Instead, the Society will partner with public and private sector organisations, seeking sponsorship and support for key events and the Society more broadly. Current Corporate Members should contact the Society to discuss opportunities for involvement in the Society for the 2019/20 financial year.

Membership fees

Membership fees are as follows:

Membership category

Fee commencing 1 July 2019

Ordinary Member


Student Member (including YEN Membership )


Professional Member


Life Member


In past years, the Society has not increased membership fees. However, the Council has decided to increase membership fees in line with inflation from 2019. This will ensure that we are able to maintain our membership services as overall costs increase.

Membership fees will be approved annually at the annual general meeting, with resulting fees being applied from the start of the following calendar year.

A member may opt to pay for a subscription to receive printed copies of one or both journals. Each journal is issued quarterly. The fees are reflective of the cost of printing and mailing, and are as follows:


Fee commencing 1 July 2019

Economic Record


Economic Papers


Membership fees are payable upon acceptance by the Council of an application for membership and renewed every 12 months thereafter.

From 1 July 2019, memberships will be automatically renewed unless members “opt-out” of this process.

Membership fees do not include GST as the Society is currently exempt from paying GST.

Membership enquiries

Any questions regarding membership, including membership fees should be directed to the Council by emailing admin@esawa.org.au.

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